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Did You Know?

  • The oak tree is the national tree of the United States

  • An oak tree can live well over 200 years with proper food, water and sunshine.  The famous Angel Oak Tree in Charleston South Carolina is more than 500 years old and some argue as many as 1,500 years old – making it easily one of the oldest living things in the United States.

  • The oak tree is considered one of the largest trees in the world.  Tree branches can grow to 180 feet long, which is more than 5 school buses long in length.

  • Oak wood is among the strongest and most durable woods in existence.  Oak is commonly used in flooring, furniture and other building materials.  Given the hardness of the wood, oak can resist insect and fungal attacks.

  • Oak barrels are commonly used for distilling wine and other alcohols.  The wood helps enhance the alcohol’s favor. 

  • Large oak trees will consume as much as 50 gallons of water a day and a mature oak tree’s root system can total several hundred miles.

  • Oak trees typically don’t start producing acorns until the age of 20 and sometimes as old as 50.

  • A single oak tree can produce thousands of acorns in one season.